domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Mirall Trencat

I started to watch a Catalan series called Mirall Trencat (Broken Mirror). It was made in 2002 and it has 13 episodes. It's about a young girl, Teresa who falls in love with a married boy.She gets pregnant but the man leaves her. Then she marries with an older man and she has to give her child to his father. She is living a really good and fancy new life but she can't forget her past. Teresa's life is full with tragedies. Her husband dies soon...But as she is a really pretty lady a man asks her to marry him soon.And she does with pleasure because she loves him. She gives birth to a child and it seems that her happiness is full now. But her son, the child she had to abandon returns to her life and her past is coming to surface again. I watched the first 3 parts til now and i'm posting some screenshots about Teresa who is played by the fascinating Carme Elías.

It's not surprising that everybody falls in love with that smile...

Haunted by past...

This is my favourite

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