jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

En brazos de la mujer madura

Yes,it's right, the title of my blog is coming from a film.(What else?) In praise of older woman was made in 1997, with participating such great actresses like Carme Elías and Faye Dunaway
A young boy is going to find her mother in the time of the Spanish Civil War. During his journey he forgets more and more what was his aim because he starts to discover his growing affection to older and very pretty women.(I really can't blame him for that) He turns into a real young man when he finally can rejoin with his mother,but his affection doesn't disappear at all.Let's see some snapshots about the women he falls and of course about Carme Elías,who plays his mother, Irene.

I like that pretty dress on her with tie.

Pretty smile...

Meeting after so many years...

Starting a new life...
I have to show this pic about Carme Elías.The young boy,Andrés keeps this photo of his mother.

                                                            Wonderful smile

                                         Falling in love with the Countess (Faye Dunaway)

                                               The next crush: Marta (Joanna Pacula)

This is my little summary for En brazos de la mujer madura. It's really worth to watch, the story is great,not mentioned the actresses.

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