miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

Downton Abbey

I've started to watch another series beside Gavilanes...the title is Downton Abbey,it's a British television drama.
The story is setted in England,in a place called Downton Abbey. It's 1912. The year, when the Titanic - which was mentioned as unsinkable- sinked. The Grantham family has to face with a huge problem. Lord Grantham, the head of the family lost his heir in the ship tragedy. He was planning to give his daughter's hand to his cousin, so the fortune and the castle would have stayed in the Grantham family's hand.But the plan sinked just as Titanic did.So who will inherit now?How the family keep the fortune?A new inhere appears, and most members of the family is not too happy about it...
I watched the first episode yesterday,and i made a few snapshots about my favourite character,Lady Cora Grantham.She is pretty,elegant,fancy and played by the fantastic Elizabeth McGovern
She also played t in the movie called Daphne,which is about the talented and wonderful writer,Daphne du Maurier
I must mention another great actress who is also appearing in Downton Abbey, and she is Dame Maggie Smith!She is the mother of Lord Grantham and she wants to keep everything in her hand.
So let's see the snapshots..

What a fancy hat...

What are you saying?

Elizabeth McGovern and Hugh Bonneville (Lady and Lord Grantham)

Speaking with her mother-in-law.

More pictures are coming soon from the further episodes...

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  1. Hey :)
    You made great screenshots - all while I was gone? :D The whole page, wow!!
    Could you please set your blog language into english - because I cannot read Hungarian ;P
    (It's hungarian for everyone :)
    Ohhh - and McGovern didn't play Daphne ;) but her very pretty love interest ;)

  2. Oh gosh it's true,there are just too much films in my mind:D
    Yes,i was working on the blog while you were gone,i hoped to show you something nice here:)
    Hmm,where i can set the language?I will check it now.I hope to read something great about your trip;)