domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011

The divine Patricia Clarkson

Síííí, una otra mujer madura!Isn't she pretty?Yes,yes she is! For the first time i saw her in Married life. Then in Cairo Time. And then in this and then in that...For me her best role was in High Art where she oh la la kissed a girl! And i could see her on the big screen too, when i watched Friends with benefits in the cinema. And i can tell that she gets more beautiful with time! But let the pictures prove it!

Okay, i can't leave this pic out. Julianne Moore&Patricia Clarkson!

And of course not only her beauty but her performaces are extraordinary as well!

2 comentarios:

  1. Isn't it strange how DIFFERENT they look "normally" than in Far From Heaven? :) Wow...
    But it also looks like this picture was taken a few years after :)
    Beautiful woman, I always thought so;) I'm dying to see Cairo Time, too;)
    Kissss E.

    PS: Wow, I love your new blog image!! What's it from?

  2. Hollaa cariño!

    I found that pic in google i think...its amazing, isn't it?Aww you still didn't see Cairo time,i will definitely send it to you with the next pack!:)
    I did check how they looked in Far from heaven and OMG.Their hair:D